Learn about our Retainer Agreement


Why should I have a retainer agreement with VSD Law PLC?

Peace of mind. It’s that simple. If you have a retainer agreement with VSD Law PLC and you have a self-defense or law enforcement harassment situation, arising out of the use of your firearm, in which you or a family member end up being a named defendant in a Criminal, Civil, or administrative proceeding VSD Law PLC’s experienced trial ready attorneys will step in and defend you for no additional legal fees!

I have heard there are other companies, why should I choose VSD Law PLC?

We at VSD Law, PLC think we have provided a service that Virginia gun owners have been looking for we are superior to other plans for the following reason:

  1. We are a law firm, not an insurance company or national conglomerate, founded by Virginia lawyers who know Virginia Law. If you called one of the national plans they would not know what VA Code 18.2-282 was without searching on Google. Our lawyers have a combined experience of over 50 years practicing law in Virginia, including former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli having served 4 years representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. Many of the national plans cap the amount of expenses that they are willing to pay (for example $200,000.00). We have no cap, if you retain our firm, we will represent you through the engagement for no additional legal fee.
  3. Finally, many of the national plans have a vested interest in finding you the cheapest lawyer they can find as their main motive is profit. With VSD Law PLC, you know who your attorneys will be if you ever have to call upon them.

Why is the retainer contract not online?

The attorneys at VSD Law PLC spent over Six months drafting and perfecting our retainer agreement to craft it to fit our client’s needs. We are proud of our work and therefore consider it proprietary information and do not post it online. If you are interested in reviewing the Retainer Agreement prior to signing up, we will be happy to email it to you if you contact us through the website or by emailing [email protected].

What value does the retainer agreement provide to me and my family?

We at VSD Law know that Guns save lives. Well, we don’t save lives, we save lifesavings! Our retainer Agreement could save you and your family from going bankrupt for merely defending yourself.

Why does the Retainer Agreement provide legal services for cases involving law enforcement harassment?

All of the attorneys at VSD Law, PLC are adamant supporters of the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. That being said, we recognize that situations occasionally arise where the rights of law abiding firearm bearing citizens are infringed unjustly. If charges arise out of these situations, VSD Law will be there by your side defending you and your rights.

This is too good to be true, is there anything that is not included?

Under Virginia State Bar ethics rules, attorneys are not permitted to pay for clients costs of litigation, therefore, if VSD Law,  PLC represents you in any litigation you will bear the costs of any expenses incurred. For example, the client would be responsible for the costs of depositions, expert witness fees, filing fees, etc.. That being said, a client will never get a bill for any time an attorney spends working on your case.

Additionally, VSD Law, PLC is a law firm, not an insurance company. Any fines or judgments will be the responsibility of the client and not VSD Law, PLC.